Microgaming Casinos Progressive Jackpot

The progressive jackpot is definitely the most alluring invention in traditional gambling establishments that also have become an inevitable element of the online Microgaming casinos as well. And it seems that snatching a large sum is possible in the virtual houses due to plenty of amusements with a dynamic reward.

Experience more than 15 various jackpots at casinos powered by Microgaming software and get a chance to become richer.

Microgaming Casinos Progressive Jackpot

Work Principle

The essence of this prize lies in its name which means that its size increases with every stake made in real time. Nowadays, most of the games are united in one system due to which the amount of the reward may reach incredible sums of money. It is good to note that the bigger jackpot is the more chances one has to win it.

Record Microgaming Dynamic Jackpot Winnings

The number of jackpot winners in Microgaming houses grows in a geometric progression. One of the earliest events took place in 2008 when a gambler got a prize of $5,556,753 depositing only 50 cents. The other one was a year later when the Greek entrepreneur received a reward in the amount of €6,374,434.

There were also two lucky people who got enormous gifts estimated in £4.1 million and £2.5 million in 2010. The list of fortunate ones was supplemented with the British soldier and the 60-years-old man who received £13,213,838.68 and £5,883,044.43 respectively.

Microgaming Casinos Dynamic Prize

Progressive Casinos Games

Only 10 years ago the games with such an award were considered a pretty rare treat and were presented only in video poker, or the certain types of slot machines. And now, in times of the great technological development the jackpot became available even in traditional roulette and card games, namely blackjack and poker.

Slot Machines

Along with other images existing in slot machines, there is one that plays an essential role in winning a dynamic gift. And so its appearance in five characters brings a huge pile of real money. However, progressive machines often possess relatively low payments for other indicators. That is, the rest of the characters even with full combinations have very small gains.

Progressive Jackpot in Microgaming Casinos

Table Entertainments

Progressive Blackjack has rules similar to its traditional version and uses 6 decks of 52 cards. Each gambler, along with the dealer, gets two of those. Thus, once you’ve decided to try your luck in this kind of BJ, you will need to make an additional bet which is available only in real money games. One may get this reward once the first four cards-aces of one suit are in his or her hands.

Progressive Roulette also does not possess any major differences with its original variant. However, a number of stakes may be different and the general rule of growing awards is applied here as well.

Video Poker

It is probably one of the most brilliant games in gambling world which can be explained with its simple rules. A player has to collect a combination of five cards that determine the sum of one’s winnings. And so if you want to snatch a large sum in this type of amusement, then always make stakes at the maximum rate.