Top Blackjack Games at Microgaming Сasinos

Blackjack is the widespread amusement among the card games that can be explained by its extremely simple and understandable rules, the speed of a round and the easiest strategy of collecting points.

Nowadays, all the list of Microgaming casinos has around 40 different BJ types allowing one to dive into this amazing world with a head. Thus, do not waste any minute and try the below-mentioned alternatives.

Microgaming Casinos Blackjack Games

Classic and Gold Series

Being one of the variations of Microgaming blackjack, Gold edition offers its players a real option of so adored game with an outstanding graphics, an excellent sound, and an ambient design.

The essence of classic entertainment remains the same, but with the exceptional improvements such as manual gameplay or autoplay that make stakes based on the standard strategy instead of a gambler.

Top BJ Variations

Here you can look through the list of the most preferred versions of BJ. It includes the main characteristics and exclusive features of each kind. A general difference between all of them lies in splitting, doubling, side bets rules, and the number of decks, and payouts.

Classic Single Deck

A traditional type is defined by the constant position of croupier on 17, one chance of splitting pairs. The card having a value of 10 counts as 21 but is not a blackjack. Doubling is possible with 11, 10 or 9 points. The only possibility to win here is to apply strategy charts.

Atlantic City

This hole card amusement allows up to three splitting of aces in an arcade. The croupier keeps an eye on his or her hole card on ace or 10 for blackjack. The first two cards can be doubled down in a case of no BJ. In the ideal scenario, it is good to count the major element as 10.

Double Exposure

Here re-splitting is available twice. Doubling is possible with 11, 10 or 9 after dividing. A croupier wins all of the kinds of ties, but the tied blackjack is granted to a player. A built-in strategy might be of a great help while participating in a game. Double Exposure does not have the late surrender option.


This type does not provide a possibility of re-splitting. Doubling is identical to the Classic version, however with equal to an initial bet wager. In a case of getting 10 after pulling apart, a player receives 21 but not a BJ. The only moment to be careful about is when doing an insurance stake.

Blackjack in Microgaming Casinos


Re-dividing is possible up to three times. The cards having a value of 10 after pulling apart provide with 21, but not a victory. A split ace receives another card and requires a stand afterward.

Doubling is proportionate to the primary stake, however, it is impossible while being a dealt blackjack. Extra payouts grant a chance to gain profit even with low cards as long as they finish with 21.

Microgaming Casinos House Edge for 21

When playing with a casino, it is quite essential to remember the simple rule: a gambler has bigger chances to win with the lower house edge. In general, traditional version of BJ has the lowest casino benefit by 13%, while Double Exposure has the highest reaching up to 70%. The rest has the middle edge around 37%.

Microgaming Casinos BJ

Live Dealer Play

The live dealer is a unique finding for those who want to spend a great time in a good online establishment without leaving home. Thus, get a chance to experience your own blackjack home party with Microgaming casinos. It works with an actual desk of cards, a human croupier and a special table and thus gives a feeling of a fair and authentic game.

Bonus Packages

The range of gifts depends on the online house. Once you decide to start a game, you will see three main types of bonuses that include welcome, reload and loyalty ones. The first is available for newcomers and are granted upon registration. The second one depends on the deposit you make.

And the third is given with additional points for the frequent play or competitions. It is fundamental to monitor all the offers and promotions to get the greatest prizes.